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In 1982 the late George P. Livanos established HELMEPA (Hellenic Marine Environmental Protection Association) and built its first premises at the Ceres office in Piraeus, thus creating the first permanent environmental exhibition, which is still active within the shipping, and wider community today.

Under his chairmanship Helmepa published the “Guide Against Ship-Generated Marine Pollution” on behalf of the EC, which disseminated the publication to the national delegations of IMO as its contribution to mark the European Year of the Environment. In 1987, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) recognised, George P. Livanos with the Global 500 Award.

In 1998 Ceres became the first shipmanagement company to achieve ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management System and ISO 9002 for Quality Management System, promoting environmental consciousness combined with the extended development of policies for health and safety, energy use, and environmental protection.

In 2020 DryLog contracted the services of Route2 consulting to provide a quantitative model of DryLog’s onshore, and seaborne activities. The aim is to go beyond the standard CSR self-regulation and look to unlock the financial value of sustainability pursuits whilst providing a meaningful contribution to society.

Ceres and all its subsidiaries continue to strongly promote environmental protection practices in all levels, taking the necessary steps in order to increase operational efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint onshore and offshore. As per the philosophy of the group safety measures are crucial, aiming zero incidents target, with the promotion of a safe working environment and safe working attitudes.

Compliance with rules and regulations is considered a base line of the company, exceeding requirements is a matter of everyday attitude.


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